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Did He Say, A Bullet in Putins’ head?

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Did He Just Say, A Bullet in Putins' head?

by Richard Margarit- Sept. 7, 2014

I have just finished reading an article by Kit Daniels, Aug. 28, he is one of Alex Jones reporters, where he quotes Herbert E. Meyer as saying; Putin should get "...a bullet in the back of his head..."

    First about Alex Jones. I do not agree with Jones about some things, like his Jew bashing, claiming to be a Christian when he is clearly not. His belief that making drugs legal is better than not. His use of swear words on a show that clearly has a sizeable Christian audience, (not very smart, business wise) his incredible way of conducting a show by screaming at the top of his lungs to an audience that invites him into their homes or car. His interruption of his own invited guests who cannot get a word in edge-wise, because Jones can't keep his mouth shut while guests that he invited are trying to make a point. And of course we have Jones' special guests who are almost all anti-semites.

    However, aside from that, there are many things that he is right on, he does reveal many things that I believe are benificail to the country, thus I will go onto his site from time to time to read what he has to say, but I do not hear his show anymore, he's extremely repetitvive. 

    Herbert E. Meyers worked for the intelligence community back in the “bad ole days,” although, the “bad ole days are really the “present” ole’ days. Meyer served as a Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence under the Reagan administration, although some may argue that the Reagan administration was really the “G.H. Bush administration.” He is now a writer, and he designs Intelligence Systems for businesses.



    Having heard and read some of the testimonies of those who have served in the Intelligence field, I am of the belief that many in the intelligence community are the finest people that this country has, but some are the stupidest people that have somehow gained entry into sensitive positions, and there are some real morons to be sure. I suppose every nation can say the same, but when one is a patriotic American as I am it is troubling that we have so many of them bumbling around. 


    If these bumblers confine themselves to sitting on their front porch every day watching cars go by while they whittle on a block of wood with their jug of moonshine by their side then there is probably no danger to our national security. But when they apply for CIA and pass various tests and get accepted, that’s when they can do some real damage. Of course this is my opinion, but I believe that their is a legion of people out there that share this opinion.


    Again, this is not a slam on most of those in the FBI, CIA etc. who are dedicated men and women and are true honest, ethical patriots.


    I have to think that the wise ones, the ones that are moral, just, honorable and good have to be scratching their heads as these buffoons like Herbert E. Meyer keep getting promoted. They must be saying to themselves; how in the world are these guys getting promoted ahead of me, forgettaboutit. 


    What prompted me to write this article was when I read Kit Daniels quoting Herbert E. Meyer saying that perhaps Putin should get “… a bullet in the back of his head… “ 


    I have never been a big fan of diplomacy. Civil and respectful, yes, diplomacy, no. screw that! But when Meyer says something as stupid as this about someone who is not a threat to the American people or the Ukrainian people, this not only takes the cake, it takes the whole bakery.


    The Oligarchies of the US, Europe, and others have been demonizing Putin for a long time now, but I believe that this was planned out many years in advance. These people do not do things at the spur of the moment. Every thing is calculated and worked over. 


    The oligarchies, New World Order, and the Illuminati Terrorist Organization know that Putin, as well as a few other counties are standing in the way of their “main prize” which is world domination.


    Getting Ukraine under their control is a huge step in that direction and Putin knows it. This is why it was the West and not Putin that instigated this whole Crimea/Ukraine false flag situation. It is Obama and his controllers that are continuing their push to conquer the world through force, using Islam’s predisposition to violence and other means to achieve their demonic goals. 


    If they can succeed in defeating Russia and finally Israel, then they believe that they can proclaim “mission accomplished.”. One can say that Putin and a few other leaders stand in the way of their agenda. I believe Putin, like many others know of the illuminati’s goal of final destruction and the murder of billions of people around the world and total control of the worlds resources. The Illuminati Terrorist Organization may believe that the push back by Putin, and those smart enough to align themselves with him against the NWO crowd, could  be the beginnings of the defeat, or the significant slow-down of the NWO’s plans, which has them worried.


    Jones and others believe that Israel, or as they say the “Zionists” as if one can separate the two, is the enemy because they are in some way dealing with the NWO crowd, but what they don’t realize or don’t care to realize is that Israel fears the Illuminati more than they fear the very God that gave them their land, even though God said that, if Israel trusts in Him, then Israel need not fear anyone. This includes Obama, the NWO crowd, The ITO or anyone else, but, Israel has allowed themselves to be led by their own corrupt leaders into harms way.


    Israel may be making the mistake of thinking that they can have supper with the Devil and suffer no consequences. As Dr. Walter Martin use to say “when you have supper with the Devil you better have a long fork, or you’ll lose your arm up to the elbow.”    


    I am a recovering republican, but I’m not a democrat nor of any other political affiliation. I am of the “American Party.” Although that party does not exist, but it should. I believe that all the bums in all of the present day parties should be thrown out and an “American Party” should be established instead of the “globalist party”  that we have now in this country. As it stands now I do not trust any political party in this country. NONE!! Throw all the bums out!! I know that this will not happen, but one could dream. As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “presidents are selected, not elected.” 


    Go to the polls and vote if you want to waste your time, but I believe that the election game is rigged, and whoever gets into the Oval Office better do as they are told, and if they stray from the “agenda” then they would be shown the 8x10’s glossy autopsy pics. of John F. Kennedy laid out on the slab, I can assure you that they will “get the picture” and change their tune, quickly, very quickly!


    In my opinion, Meyer is a shill for Obama. In regards to Ukraine, Meyer is still singing that well known tune “Operation Condor” (I would suggest the reader look up “Operation Condor” on YouTube if you have the stomach for what you will find out.) It is basically going into someone else's country and, through torture and  murder, bring down a democratically elected sovereign country and replacing it with a puppet regime. For US security? For US prosperity? Of course not! For money and power to the elites and their buddies! This is all documented, if one wants to take the time to research it. 


    A great thing the internet! Yet sometimes not so great for the Elitists. Although I believe that at this point they really don’t care if they are exposed. They feel that it’s too late for them to be stopped, even if there was a concerted effort to go all out after them. 


    They feel invincible, and for now they may be just that. If Putin is gone and Israel falls then it is “game over.” I’m not sure about Putin going down, but Israel will not. The bible says that they will suffer another Holocaust, but they will not be destroyed. That I say with complete certainty. 


    Have you ever wondered why we don’t hear this from CNN, FoxNews, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. it’s because they were infiltrated a long time ago by “the boys” (CIA) as Chip Tatum calls them. 


    Meyer said that Obama and his “European counterparts” should make life more miserable for the “…Russian Oligarchs… “


    Hmm… I wonder. Is Meyer referring to the “corrupt” Russian Oligarchs that Putin threw out of Russia because they were ripping off the country. Or is he referring to the oligarchs that are now cooperating with Obama out of revenge, longing to get back into Russia so they can finish plundering their own country while their fellow citizens go back to the dark days of rationing food?


    After all, how dare Putin end those days of food shortages and slowly turn things around for the Russian people by bringing in prosperity.    


    Instead of siding with President Putin, “Oscar Meyer the “weiner” is backing his “home boy” Mr. Obama. So let’s take a look at Putin and Obama and see how they differ, shall we:


  1. Putin is in office legally, Obama is not.
  2. Putin is intellectual, Obama relies on others to be intellectual.
  3. Putin is his own man, Obama is owned by “the man." 
  4. Putin is well read, Obama reads well, (the teleprompter.)
  5. Putin speaks without scripts, Obama cannot speak unless he has one.
  6. Putin loves his country, Russia, Obama loves his country, Kenya.
  7. Putin is a Christian, Obama is a Muslim.
  8. Putins’ approval rating for 2014 by the Russia people is at 83%, Obamas' ratings by the American people is in the low 40’s for all of 2014, so far.
  9. Putin takes questions from all the people, Obamas’ people and questions are screened.
  10. Putin is building Russia after decades of neglect and corruption, Obama is destroying America after years of Americans building it to the great nation that it is.
  11. Putin, though some disagree with him on various issues, is respected the world over, Obama is not respected and is basically laughed at behind his back, and to his face by others.
  12. Putin would beat Obama by a landslide running in an American presidential race. Even though Putin was not born in the US, but neither was Obama.
  13. Putin fights against the Illuminati/NWO Terrorist Organization, Obama works for them.
  14. Putin vigorously fights Islam, Obama supports them.
  15. Putin supports his Russian troops, Obama loathes the American troops.
  16. Putin wants peace, Obama wants and has started new wars all over the world.


The above are facts not just my opinion. Another fact is is that Mr. Barack Obama aka Barry Soertoro, has no legal right to even step foot in the White House, according to the US constitution (the janitors that clean the building have more rights to be there than he does) is the biggest scandal that this country has ever faced, yet there is no investigation. Releasing a (proven) fraudulent birth certificate 3 1/2 years after entering the Oval office, and having at least 2 social security cards that have also been proven to be not his should warrant an investigation. Yet not one senator or congressman has consistently pounded this issue. 


A person has to be extremely stupid or extremely corrupt to not see this. And yet Herbie “the car” Meyer wants to put a bullet in Vladimir Putins’ head? 


In my many years on this earth I can honestly say that; some of the smartest people that I have met are some of the stupidest people that I have ever known.


My solution is this; I will trade Barry and Herbie to the Russian team and some politicians to be named later, for the first round draft pick, Vladimir Putin.        


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